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June 2023 State of the Nonprofit Sector

Earlier this month, we administered a survey to our membership that resulted in 100 responses.

We conducted this survey for two reasons: To share the results at today’s CMC luncheon on the state of the nonprofit sector, and to help inform our elected officials across local, state, and federal government as they make key budget and other funding decisions.

The most jarring result was related to community needs: 92% of respondents are experiencing higher demand than one year ago. 70% report not being able to meet the demand.

Financially, 41% of respondents are anticipating a deficit at the end of the fiscal or calendar year. The primary reasons are inflation, greater demand, revenue challenges, and increased workforce costs. 

There are 1,075 unfilled positions across the responding agencies, primarily due to wages/benefits. Finding qualified staff is the other significant challenge. Though this is high, this is much better than one year ago: In May 2022, 89 agencies reported nearly 2,000 unfilled positions. 

We had 100 responses to our state of the sector survey, which The Columbus Dispatch wrote about here.

We have prepared a one-page document that shares some key findings from the report.

This post will be updated in the coming days with much more information from our survey, and an analysis of the findings as well.