HSC Events and Programming, Letter from the Executive Director

The Concert for Humanity!

On behalf of all of us at HSC, we are deeply grateful to everyone who made The Concert for Humanity possible, especially the Harmony Project team that worked such grueling hours to bring such a benevolent vision to life.

When David Brown, the Founder and Creative Director of our members at Harmony Project, first came to us with the idea of a concert celebrating nonprofit heroes, we didn’t anticipate the awesome power and overwhelming emotion we’d all feel with its booming choir and its soaring soloists and so many compelling stories that allowed all of us to feel–at least for one day–like the community truly understood and appreciated the heroes nonprofit employees are, from case workers and clinicians to CEOs.

What a triumphant evening it was. 

You can get a little sense of the night by clicking through Harmony’s Instagram stories and posts from tonight, and from these videos below–with many more to come.

Nonprofits are the beating heart of this community, and together, we are so very powerful.

It’s our time to shape this community into what it needs to be.