Refreshing Our Branding

We’re delighted to share our new logo and first-ever logomark, which reflect the unity and diversity of our sector and our community.

Designed in conjunction with Fringe22, this modernization of our branding and creation of a logomark featuring a trio of diverse hands represent much to us at HSC.

1) Three distinct areas of our work–government relations, professional services, and connection/convening of our members–and three broad areas of service provided by our members–health services, human services, and support for health and human services–which are all represented by three abstract hands coming together in a circle, representing the united health and human services sector brought together by and through HSC.

2) The logomark introduces new colors to our traditional palette of green and charcoal. These additional colors will be utilized in our materials going forward for organizational and narrative purposes, as we strive to make our services more accessible, and tell our collective story more effectively, and the stories of the nonprofits we serve–and most importantly, the people they serve across the Columbus Region.