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Ohio Nonprofits Urge EDI Federal Appropriations to Continue in FY 2025

In partnership with our allies across the state, and with 162 co-signing nonprofits and stakeholders representing Ohio’s biggest and smallest cities alike, we are urging House Appropriations Chairman Tom Cole to reverse his decision to render nonprofits ineligible for Community Project Funding investments via the Economic Development Initiative account of the pending appropriations process. 

We accumulated all of this support in less than 72 hours, and hope you will do whatever your respective offices can to preserve this critical revenue stream for nonprofits across Ohio, and certainly the United States. Last year alone, this revenue stream generated over $800 million for nonprofits, as Roll Call reported:

House members secured EDI funding for nonprofits ranging from shelters for victims of domestic violence, to food banks, to Habitat for Humanity grants to build homes for those in need, among others.

In all, roughly $800 million of the EDI funding went to nonprofits, give or take, representing a hefty chunk that could get the ax this year under Cole’s leadership. The remainder went to cities, counties and other local government agencies as well as colleges and universities

With needs still extremely high and a funding cliff fast approaching with American Rescue Plan Act funds drying up, the nonprofit sector needs more support, not less, to help us navigate this post-pandemic period in our country’s history.