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Coronavirus Response

Need high-quality masks and rapid tests? We’ve got links!

In an effort to help Columbus identify rapid tests and high-quality masks, we’ll be regularly updating this series of links and resources to purchase rapid tests and high-quality masks.

Rapid test supplies are still low, but are being replenished over the next 7 days. They will again be available via Columbus Public Health and Columbus Rec & Parks for free distribution to individuals. In the interim, you can purchase them online here:

High-Quality Masks That Are Well-Fitting are imperative over the next month. Cloth masks or surgical masks alone will not suffice against omicron.

(If all you have are surgical paper masks and cloth masks, then wear a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask and if they don’t fit tightly, knot and twist them around your ears so that aerosols aren’t coming in and out as much.)

N95s and KF94s are now widely available online, but not inexpensive. Here are some places where you can buy them online:


Need high-quality masks for kids? Shop here and here and here.