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Meet our Board’s Executive Committee for ’22

We are so very proud to introduce our new Board of Directors’ Executive Committee for 2022!

Please join us in thanking and congratulating:

  • Christie Angel, YWCA Columbus
  • Duane Casares, Directions for Youth & Families
  • Kate McGarvey, Legal Aid Society of Columbus
  • Ellen Moss, Godman Guild Association
  • Eric Karolak, Action for Children

We are also enormously grateful to the team of leaders that helped us navigate 2020-21, the most disruptive and important for the health and human services sector in American history. Thank you to Rachel Lustig (Chair), Bruce Luecke (Treasurer), and Duane Casares (Secretary) for your incredible service to our membership and to our community.

Of course, our entire board and membership have been leading us through this pandemic, too. And we are so grateful to each and all of them for their steadfast, compassionate, urgent work day in and day out to save lives, ease suffering, and unleash the power of human potential.