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HSC, 100+ Members Call for State Budget That Helps Ohioans, Not Hurts

On June 21st, we dispatched the below statement to our public officials in the General Assembly and in Governor DeWine’s office. The statement has been co-signed by over 100 of our members.


The Human Service Chamber of Franklin County serves over 170 health and human service nonprofits that work to meet the needs of our fast-growing community.

A stunning 90% of our members are reporting greater demand for their services compared to one year ago, due to the cessation of pandemic-related supports and persistent inflation. And yet, unlike the Governor’s and the House’s budgets, the Senate’s budget proposes arbitrary funding cuts and barriers to care that would be devastating for those who continue needing our collective help as they get back on their feet in the wake of the pandemic. Ohioans deserve a state budget that strengthens rather than jeopardizes the stability of our economy and of the health and human services sector that is so critical to it.

The Senate’s budget maintains stagnant funding levels or reduces funding, slashing increases the Governor and House proposed. Furthermore, many of the provisions in the Senate’s budget eliminate or restrict vital supports for children and families which would make it harder for some of the most in need to access critical services. For example:

  • It eliminates Medicaid coverage for pregnant women, infants and children with incomes up to 300% of the federal poverty level;
  • It adds a provision to force the Department of Medicaid to establish extreme work requirements;
  • It restricts access to child care support to families at 145% of the federal poverty rate;
  • It removes tax credits for affordable housing projects;
  • It removes $15 million in funding to support Ohio’s food banks and adds other restrictions for SNAP which will make it harder for millions to access food;
  • It removes millions in funding for non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations under the TANF program in State Fiscal Year 2025;
  • It cuts affordable housing tax credits from $500 million to $100 million; and
  • It cuts funding by 81% for the Healthy Beginnings at Home program, which reduces infant and maternal mortality by providing housing and wraparound services to low-income mothers.

Ohioans and our economy cannot realize their potential if would-be workers are unable to place their children in quality child care, unable to eat, unable to get healthcare, and unable to find a place to call home. Therefore, we join with over 100 of our members in urging lawmakers to remedy these and other harmful provisions and call for a budget from the Conference Committee that fortifies the essential supports that individuals and families and the nonprofits that support them across Ohio.

This statement has been signed by the following HSC members: