Congratulations - YMCA, LSS Choices, CND
Human Services Funding

Gov. DeWine Awards $850K to HSC Members for Violence Prevention

Governor Mike DeWine has announced $20 million in grants to support more than three dozen community-based intervention programs in their work to prevent violence and support crime victims. Three of those awardees are HSC members, who will receive upwards of $850,000: Community for New Direction, LSS Choices, and the YMCA of Central Ohio.

“This program is the latest step in our holistic approach toward enhanced public safety in Ohio,” said Governor DeWine in a press release, who celebrated the funds that would be “strengthening community-based initiatives that prevent future violence.”

Over the last 37 months, the health and human services sector has been supporting the community in so many ways, including in making our neighborhoods safer with preventive, proactive action.

“Every investment to and through nonprofits can make a difference,” said Michael Corey, Executive Director of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County. “We’re very grateful to the State of Ohio and Governor DeWine for allocating these funds to CND, LSS Choices, and the YMCA.”