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Chronicle of Philanthropy features HSC, Maryhaven and nonprofit needs post-Covid

The April cover story for The Chronicle of Philanthropy features the unique challenges facing health and human services nonprofits here and across the United States.

The Post-Covid Nonprofit: Burnout, Chaos, and the Grinding Hunt for Staff and New Revenue” features quotes from Human Service Chamber Executive Director Michael Corey, and Maryhaven CEO Oyauma Garrison.

The story deftly highlights the workforce shortage that continues to restrict the sector’s ability to meet community needs, and therefore to generate revenue, driven by a perfect storm of challenges: Inflation boosting costs, the demand for salaries, and the demand for agency’s services.

That workforce shortage has created more work for those that have remained, on the frontlines and in the C-Suite alike.

But may have left the C-Suite over the last 36 months.

In the aggregate, this is placing unique stressors on nonprofit leaders seeking people and seeking funds.

As American Rescue Plan Act funds dry up, and as cities and states prepare budgets for the future, it’s imperative that we not return to normal funding streams into the sector. Needs are up, as are costs, across our community, and therefore across the health and human services sector. We need to increase the amount of money flowing into our communities–whether to or through nonprofits–commensurate with the increased costs of living. That includes both reimbursement dollars, as well as grant-based funding streams from government and philanthropy alike.

That does not mean that we should neglect making the systemic changes required to alleviate needs in the long-term. We must do that alongside making short-term investments to and through nonprofits to help those in need today and tomorrow, as well.