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A New Tool to Help Nonprofits Share Their Spaces With One Another

Today, we are officially launching Spaceswap, a new resource on our website designed to facilitate the sharing of our members’ office spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces with one another. This resource will be available exclusively to members of the Human Service Chamber, but will function like an “Airbnb” for health and human services nonprofits.

We believe this resource will make everyone’s life easier, allowing our members to help people in more places, more easily, and to save precious financial resources along the way.

We are indebted to the team from Columbus Young Professionals’ Columbus Impact Academy for devising this idea, and gifting it for our use at HSC:

As Business First Columbus reported, this tool will not only bring our membership together to deliver services, it will spark collaboration across agencies:

Subha Lembach, executive director of Charity Newsies, said she decided to list the nonprofit’s space at 4300 Indianola Ave. to be a good partner in the nonprofit community.”

It is important for nonprofits to understand that at the end of the day, we’re all trying to help others and that includes other nonprofits,” Lembach said. “And we totally understand how challenging it can be to find space.”

Lembach said allowing other nonprofits into the space will also give Charity Newsies exposure and encourage further collaboration and innovation between different organizations.

“Nonprofits really came together (during the pandemic) to distribute PPE, Covid tests, air purifiers,” Martindell said, “This is a continuation of that collaboration. The Human Service Chamber has given nonprofits a new way to come together.”

Dulaney said the format of SpaceSwap was designed to be scalable, so that other communities could help connect nonprofits in this way. Corey said he’s already had two other cities reach out about replicating this platform for their nonprofit communities.

“Over the last 25 months, the health and human services sector has been uniquely challenged with ways to help people,” Corey said. “And we’ve been finding new and creative ways to do that. This might be the most creative yet.”