Coronavirus Response

A Discussion on Cleaning Indoor Air

There are significant benefits to improving the quality of indoor air, including mitigation against the spread of Covid-19, influenza, and more. The White House recently hosted a virtual event about how to achieve cleaner indoor air:

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will host a virtual event spotlighting the science behind improving indoor air quality to reduce COVID-19 transmission and produce better overall health outcomes – and how to engage Americans on the topic. This event continues OSTP’s work to advance science and technology that benefits all people. The Biden-Harris Administration identified improved indoor air quality as an important tool to fight the spread of airborne diseases in the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan last September. This month, the Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with other Federal departments and agencies, launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge and released a practical guide for building managers, contractors, homeowners, and business owners to create an action plan for cleaner indoor air. This event will encourage all people to increase their air awareness and take simple, but powerful, actions to improve indoor air quality.