Tell Congress: We Need Cares 2.0

For months, advocates across the country have been clamoring for Congress to pass a second round of stimulus. We have come close several times, but to no avail.

But now, with a humanitarian crisis barreling toward us over the next 60 days, we only have a few days left to push Washington to pass the legislation we all need to avoid making a catastrophic year that much worse.

Here’s why: All the federal supports that passed in March via the CARES Act, and the remaining temporary executive actions that were initiated in the late summer, are all set to expire this month. This will leave individuals and employers and healthcare providers and nonprofits like our 102 members in an impossible situation, all while needs are surging.

The social safety net was strained before the pandemic began. It is now approaching a breaking point. If Congress does not act, it just might.

But you can help. We all need to call on our elected officials in Congress–Senator Rob Portman, Senator Sherrod Brown, Representative Joyce Beatty, and Representative Steve Stivers–and ask them to lead their colleagues toward a comprehensive, bipartisan deal that will help us navigate this most turbulent of times in modern American history.

Join us. Call each of your elected officials every day until a bill is passed.

  • Sen. Brown: (202) 224-2315
  • Sen. Portman: (202) 224-3353
  • Rep. Beatty: (202) 225-4324
  • Rep. Stivers: (202) 225-2015

We can do this.