HSC Member Recognition

Recognizing the Impact of Our Members in Central Ohio

We are deeply grateful for every one of our nearly 200 members. Their unwavering commitment to our community is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Our members embody the essence of compassion. Each of them is creating a positive impact on the lives of our community. Their dedication illuminates the path for a stronger, more supportive community. Our chamber vehemently believes that their contributions not only shape our present but also pave the way for a brighter and more compassionate future. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these extraordinary organizations who, through their steadfast commitment, embody the very spirit of service and humanity.

In Central Ohio, the health and human services sectors are collaboratively addressing pressing issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, mental health, trauma, and affordable housing through innovative programs and community partnerships. They are offering support and services for our most vulnerable. Cross-sector initiatives are working to provide holistic solutions that enhance the community’s well-being and create a more sustainable, inclusive environment for its residents. 

Our members are actively engaging in efforts to address challenges in central Ohio. 

  • A study released by the Center of Early Childhood Innovation in partnership with SproutFive about the stress experiences of early childhood educators found that early childhood educators in the United States experience significantly higher levels of stress, with 41% meeting the criteria for generalized anxiety disorder and over 63% for major depressive disorder. These stress levels were considerably higher than national estimates for adults. 
  • Ruling Our eXperiences, which helps ensure that girls are in control of their own relationships, experiences, decisions, and future, completed “The Girls’ Index.” This report showed since 2017, girls have shown a concerning decline in confidence, leadership, perception, and emotional well-being. Girls’ confidence has dropped from 68% to 55%. Nearly 8 in 10 girls reported they are under so much pressure that they feel they may “explode.” 
  • Our friends at the Affordable Housing Alliance, with whom we share many member agencies, released a report regarding the state of housing in Columbus. If we cut the affordable housing gap in Ohio in half, the results would be transformative, with far-reaching socio-economic impacts across the state. The state would experience 5.5 years added to life expectancy, 40k jobs added per year, 25k additional middle-class members, 1k fewer homeless youth, and 2.5k fewer seniors rationing medication. 

Human services nonprofits play a vital role in Franklin County’s economic landscape, as well. Every year, these organizations contribute a staggering $2 billion to the county’s GDP, provide employment to over 30,000 individuals, and generate nearly $1 billion in wages. Additionally, human services agencies generate approximately $27 million in local income and sales tax revenue. 

Collective efforts of member nonprofits contribute to a stronger community. Our members consistently reach across the sector, working together to create innovative solutions that bridge gaps and conquer challenges. The very existence of our chamber fosters the continued spirit of collaboration for a sustained positive impact. We remain both confident and deeply inspired by the ongoing influence on the future of humanity and community.