HSC State Issue 1 Statement - Slide

HSC Opposes State Issue 1

The Human Service Chamber of Franklin County joins a wide-ranging and bipartisan coalition of former elected officials, business leaders, and organizations urging Ohioans to vote “no” on State Issue 1, the flawed proposal to end majority rule in Ohio.

If Issue One passes, a simple majority would no longer suffice to amend our state constitution. Instead, a supermajority of 60% would be required, a move that former Ohio Governor and Secretary of State Bob Taft calls “a fundamental change in Ohio’s voting rights.” Additionally, the passage of Issue 1 would make it extremely difficult to even get an issue on the ballot, requiring signatures from 5% of voters from the previous gubernatorial election in all 88 counties. Currently, signatures are only required from 44 counties.

Governor Taft and Ohio’s other three living former governors oppose Issue 1, along with five former State Attorney Generals, and the recently retired Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

State constitutional amendments are pivotal for Ohioans to preserve their power and their rights through direct democracy. Importantly, the preservation and protection of rights is elemental to the health and human services sector, which has long found itself on the front lines defending people’s rights through advocacy and service delivery.

This is why HSC strongly opposes Issue 1. Its passage would functionally end majority rule in Ohio, empowering a 40% minority of voters to dictate the future of our state by requiring a 60% supermajority to pass constitutional amendments.

We do not want to imagine the rights that would be in jeopardy should Issue 1 pass.

Whether you vote early in person, early by mail, or in person on election day, August 8th: Let’s protect our rights by voting “no” on State Issue 1.