Advocacy, Letter from the Executive Director

HSC Hosts Roundtable with U.S. Senator Rob Portman

U.S. Senator Rob Portman answers a question while sitting alongside HSC’s Board Chair and Netcare Access CEO, King Stumpp.

We had a unique way to celebrate Independence Day this year: A roundtable conversation with U.S. Senator Rob Portman.

Hosted by our members at Alvis and attended by about 50 agency leaders, the 70-minute conversation focused on workforce issues in the nonprofit sector, and moved into a dialogue about child care, addiction services, and reentry services as well.

We offered our gratitude to Senator Portman (R) for bipartisan legislation of his that has been critical to our sector, including and especially the pending JOBS Act and the pending Housing for Homeless Students Act. These bills are also supported by Ohio’s senior senator, Sherrod Brown (D).

Lastly, several of our agencies called on Senator Portman to help lead in word and deed regarding the escalating crisis on our Southern border, where children remain separated from their families in squalid conditions. Senator Portman shared our concern, and informed us that he would soon be visiting the border in Texas–news that became public today. Senator Brown will be visiting this weekend, as well.

On behalf of the 76 members of the Human Service Chamber and the dozens of thousands of people our agencies employ, we’re very grateful for the chance to have spent time with Senator Portman, and to offer our perspective on so many critical issues of the day. We look forward to many productive conversations to come.