Letter from the Executive Director, Publications

Homage Works: Connecting People with Something Bigger through Clothing and Charity

For fifteen years, our friends at Homage have been helping people connect with something greater than themselves through the stories we all tell through the t-shirts (and sweatshirts) we wear. 

Since the pandemic began, Homage’s commitment to connecting people with something bigger has extended to supporting nonprofit organizations as well. Through a line of clothing called “Homage Works,” the company has generated over $750,000 for area nonprofits, including numerous members of the Human Service Chamber, such as the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Ohio, The Buckeye Ranch, Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio, Harmony Project, Huckleberry House, I Am Boundless, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Pelotonia, Star House, Stonewall Columbus, and YWCA Columbus.

This extraordinary generosity was especially valuable in 2020 when the financial situation was dire for many agencies.

But Homage has gone beyond just funneling proceeds from sales to these organizations–they have uplifted these organizations and their missions to broaden their audience and celebrate the humanity of the people nonprofits employ and serve. 

Homage’s do-gooding not only exemplifies its commitment to making a positive impact but also serves as an inspiration for other companies to explore innovative ways of supporting charitable causes. By leveraging its brand and utilizing its products as a force for good, Homage has demonstrated that even a simple shirt can become a powerful tool for social change.