Coronavirus Response

College of Social Work Launches Nonprofit Support Line

In the fall, our members told us that they wanted additional support for mental health for their respective staffs. So we chatted with our friends at the OSU College of Social Work, and they generously devised a “Support Line for Non-Profit Staff” so that people could share their frustrations, exhaustion, fears, and concerns related to the past year. 

For the last three-plus months, the College of Social Work has been piloting the program with a handful of our members, and it’s now ready to be open to the entire membership!

The line is staffed by licensed alumni and staff of the College. This is not a therapy line, but the College wanted to have licensed individuals as the best prepared to hold space for those who have gone above and beyond this past year. 

The College invites your agencies to utilize this, and to share it with your respective teams regularly. 
And if you have any questions, please direct them to the person at the College who is responsible for this program, and to whom we owe tremendous thanks, Assistant Dean Lisa Durham at