Black History Month HSC 2024

Celebrating Black History Month 2024

In recognition of Black History Month, we embark on a meaningful journey to honor the remarkable contributions and accomplishments of the Black community. Beyond celebration, and consistent with our work supporting our members, we will focus on addressing racial disparities in health and human services, advocating for social justice, and promoting community well-being. 

The members of the Human Service Chamber are at the forefront of these endeavors, working to create a lasting impact on our society. Join us in this collective effort by utilizing our social media toolkit to amplify the significance of Black History Month. Together, let’s continue shaping a more just and equitable society for all.

Throughout February, we will update this landing page with events and resources provided by our members to celebrate Black History and the advancement of their mission-driven works. We encourage you to check out the Membership Community Calendar for special events happening this month. 

If you have questions or need further information, contact Bria Bennett (, Director of Communications.

Human Service Chamber Member Resources

American Red Cross: Sickle Cell Blood Drives in the Region!

February is Black History Month. With the theme “Black Excellence Is in Our Blood,” the Red Cross is honoring the vital role blood donations from those who are Black play to meet the broader transfusion needs of patients & those with sickle cell disease. Join us for one of our sickle cell-focused blood drives in the region this month!

HomePort: Cross the Red Line

This podcast episode discusses barriers to Black home ownership and how the Columbus chapter of CONVERGENCE is working to overcome them. We’re joined by Anna Teye-Kasongo, director of CONVERGENCE Columbus, and Netta Whitman, Director of Home Advisory Services for Homeport.