Letter from the Executive Director

A Meaningful Veterans’ Day, 2019

We join with a grateful nation in thanking and celebrating all our veterans who defend our nation from all its enemies–foreign, and domestic.
We are particularly grateful to the many veterans our agencies serve, and the many veterans in the employ of the nonprofit community, including Habitat for Humanity Mid-Ohio CEO E.J. Thomas, who was recently inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

The Columbus Region has become a leader in celebrating and serving veterans, with the establishment of the National Veterans Memorial & Museum just over one year ago. This past August, we were honored to partner with Experience Columbus and a range of private and non-profit partners as we helped organize a volunteer opportunity for attendees of the ASAE Annual Meeting at the Memorial & Museum, as hundreds of gift bags were filled for participants at the Ohio Women’s Veterans Conference which was taking place just up the road at Ohio State. Opportunities like this, as we extend our gratitude to those who have served, are the least we can do–even as our sector works hard, alongside cross-sector partners, to meet the needs of our veterans long after their active service to our nation has concluded.

As President John F. Kennedy once proclaimed, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”